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Athletes Speakers

Athletes Speakers is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. It is dedicated to enhancing athlete’s communication skills. Its main objective is to develop, test and implement a tailor-made education and training programme focused on empowering athletes to find and use their voice, becoming active in the public scene by improving their communication skills.
Having good communication skills is key to create powerful relationships, powerful teams, join forces and have successful outcomes, as well as influence and convince others to act. Communication skills can be a powerful tool for athletes, helping them to improve teamwork, land partnerships and sponsorship deals and create a personal brand around them. It can also give them the power to influence others and become role models to the public, and it is a key skill for the workplace.
Hence, developing communication skills is key for athlete’s professional and personal development, becoming a very valuable asset for the development of a dual career. This project is coordinated by Olympic Committee of North Macedonia, together with the participation of 6 complimentary organisations from Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.
Within the scope of the project, not only the educational programme will be developed, but also a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to engage a higher number of stakeholders in learning and developing communication skills, and a Handbook with guidelines for sports organisations about how to implement the programme and increase the voice of athletes. The project will engage 56 active elite athletes, who are in need of support to improve their public image and recognition as role models, which primarily affects their upcoming career transition.


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