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Sport Against Match Fixing - SAMF program materials design

Sport Against Match Fixing - SAMF, is an Erasmus + Sport Project, funded by the European Union, and coordinated by the Portuguese Football Federation (POR) in partnership with Malta Football Association (MLT), Lithuanian Football Federation (LTU), International Basketball Federation Europe (GER), Panathlon International (ITA), Sport Evolution Alliance (POR) and European Network for Innovation and Knowledge (ESP). The main objective of this project is to raise awareness among grassroots athletes about the nature of match-fixing and the negative impact of this practice on the careers of the athletes. By providing the proper tools, we will be supporting them to consolidate attitudes to best respond to this type of corruption. Over 24 months, SAMF will produce research reports, an awareness campaign with online and offline implementation, and a game-based learning tool. For the massification of the project, a Final Conference will be organised with the presence of relevant international stakeholders, and a Handbook with guidelines for implementation will also be provided.


Sport Evolution Alliance (SEA)

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